“I first met Pam while working for a small non-profit in Tatamagouche.  She worked hard at bringing 5 different computers to a working state.  Unlike other computer companies she rarely sat at a computer waiting for a program to do its thing.  She always planned to have several things going at once.  When I began working at the Women's Centre in Truro I was so happy to see Pam come through the door to work on the computers.  It was wonderful to have a woman come to work on the computers, she was able to be here during work hours and not upset the clients who were women.  We were devastated when she left her former employer.  I found her phone number in the book and called her when I needed computer repairs, and was disappointed to learn that she had not yet started her own business. I told her that if she needed any support to start her own business I would be happy to help, and that she really should consider doing this.  When Pam came by with her business cards I was so happy, and we have been happily using her services since!”
Paula Arsenault
Executive Director, Central Nova Women's Resource Centre
535 Prince Street, Truro